School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Yan (Cindy) Sun, BS MSc PhD

Yan (Cindy)

Lecturer in Telecommunications

Telephone: +44 20 7882 8791
Room Number: Engineering, Eng 206


Ad Hoc and Broadband Wireless (BUPT joint programme)

The module provides a broad coverage of the principles of broadband telecommunications systems including ad hoc networks: Packet Radio Networks, Ad Hoc overview, PHY and MAC Layer, Broadband Wireless and All IP, I EEE802.16 - WiMAX and Beyond 3G, GPPP/3GPP2 LTE, IEEE802.15.3 and 4, Ad Hoc On Demand Routing Protocol, Ad Hoc Table Driven and Multicast routing, Ad Hoc TCP and applications.

Telecommunications Systems (BUPT joint programme)

This module is only available to students taking programmes H6N2 and H6NF in Beijing. The module provides a broad coverage of the principles of modern telecommunications systems including underlying theoretical concepts of information theory, queuing theory and coding as well as basic knowledge of source coding of different types of information, transmission systems including equalisation, and wireless networks.


Research Interests:

 Routing strategy in ad hoc wireless networks, energy saving solutions in Internet of Things, cross-layer modelling design for the next generation of wireless network