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Dr Faisal Tariq



Telephone: +44 20 7882 3773
Room Number: Engineering, Eng E105


Control Theory (BUPT joint programme)

This module introduces control theory and its applications to the measurement, processing and regulation of electronic signals found in open-loop and closed-loop interconnected systems. It includes the principles of operation of sensors that allow the attributes of physical devices to be measured. The main topics are Mathematical Modelling, Control System Characteristics, Control System Performance, Performance Indices, Stability, Analysis Methods (Root Locus, Frequency Response, Time Domain), Compensator and Controller Design, Digital Control Systems, MIMO Systems, State-Space Representation, Observability, Controllability, Robust Systems, Safety Critical Systems.

Telecommunications Systems (BUPT joint programme)

This module is only available to students taking programmes H6N2 and H6NF in Beijing. The module provides a broad coverage of the principles of modern telecommunications systems including underlying theoretical concepts of information theory, queuing theory and coding as well as basic knowledge of source coding of different types of information, transmission systems including equalisation, and wireless networks.


Research Interests:

I am primarily interested in resource management for 5G networks, energy efficiency, LTE-WiFi Coexistence (LTE-U and LTE-LAA), full duplex radio, massive MIMO and HetNet. I am also interested in Smart Grid Communication and Networking technologies.
If you are interested in pursuing PhD under my supervision, please follow the link for further information.


  • Haque ME, Tariq F, Dooley L et al. (2018). Efficient congestion minimisation by successive load shifting in multilayer wireless networks. nameOfConference
  • Hossain MS, Tariq F, Safdar GA et al. (2018). Multi-Layer Soft Frequency Reuse Scheme for 5G Heterogeneous Cellular Networks. nameOfConference
  • Safdar GA, Tariq F, Kpojime HO (2017). Threshold Power Based UE Admittance and Contention Free Resource Allocation for Interference Mitigation in Cognitive Femtocells. nameOfConference
  • Haque ME, Tariq F, Lu X (2017). Dynamic Clustering Based Congestion Minimization Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks. nameOfConference
  • Hossain MS, Tariq F, Safdar GA (2015). Enhancing cell-edge performance using multi-layer soft frequency reuse scheme. nameOfConference
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