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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Commercialised research

Image for Monoidics Markets Infer

Monoidics markets INFER, an automatic program verification tool. The verification algorithms developed at Queen Mary and Imperial were also incorporated in Microsoft tools used to secure Windows device drivers. Customers include government agencies and industrial clients like Airbus, ARM, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

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EECS Spin-out: Vision Semantics Ltd

Vision Semantics Ltd is a spin-out company of Queen Mary University of London, developing self-configuring video analysis and dynamic scene understanding tools & applications that employ innovative learning and statistical methods. VSL software tools and applications can address a ready market for automatic image analysis deriving relevant and tractable information embedded in vast quantities of CCTV video and images generally, thereby providing effective scrutiny and timely decision support in public safety, security, retail and traffic management situations. VSL’s main target markets are systems integrators and application builders operating in these areas.

Logo for Actual Experience

EECS Spin-out: Actual Experience Ltd

Hidden inside the public and business Internet and global data centres of the world is the behaviour information required to improve the performance of the global Digital Economy and experience of every Digital Citizen. After ten years of research in the Networks Group, Actual Experience is able to transform this hidden data into actionable information that quantifies the human experience of applications in real-time and identifies the location and nature of global IT supply chain behaviour that impairs productivity. Today, financial, industrial, retail, service provider and blue chip customers are deploying AE’s technology to benchmark their IT estate, right-size their supply chain for key business applications, focus investment where their business gains most, and quantify the productivity impact of major IT changes.

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EECS Spin-out: Agena Ltd

Agena provide risk management software for business systems and a range of major clients including Phillips and Motorola.

 Chatterbox Logo

EECS Spin-out: Chatterbox Analytics

Two members of the IMC group recently founded Chatterbox, a spinout company that helps brands and corporations to streamline their social media engagement. With Chatterbox organisations can harness valuable brand advocates and quickly deal with brand related problems. Their beta software currently supports Facebook and Twitter, with Chinese networks such as Weibo in the pipeline. See

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EECS Spin-out: QApps

QApps (a Queen Mary university-based venture) has worked with smart phone apps developers ‘Always on message’ to develop several new apps including SmartCoach Soccer (an app to help football teams play better) and Beauty Gauge (which lets you explore the science behind facial attractiveness) which have both been released in the market.