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The Multimedia & Vision (MMV) Research Group Projects

Human-enhanced Time-aware Multimedia Search

The key technical principle of CUBrIK is to create a white-box version of a multimedia content and query processing system, by unbundling its functionality into a set of search processing pipelines, i.e., orchestrations of open source and third-party components instantiating current algorithms for multimedia content analysis, query processing, and relevance feedback evaluation. Examples will be pipelines for extracting metadata from media collections using the software mix that best fits application requirements, for processing multimodal queries, and for analysing users feedback in novel ways. CUBrIK aims at constructing an open platform for multimedia search practitioners, researchers and end-users, where different classes of contributors can meet and advance the state-of-the-art by joining forces.

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Real and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments

Within REVERIE, we believe that the time is ripe to push social networking towards the next logical step in its evolution: to immersive collaborative environments that support realistic inter-personal communication. REVERIE will introduce a new paradigm for how communication happens in social networks by adding to the realism of immersive 3D virtual worlds. It behoves us to consider the impact of this on end?users. As with any new technology, understanding how users will apply it, the benefits it brings them and other associated sociological considerations (e.g. legal, ethical) will be key to ensuring its success, and thus investigated in detail within the project.

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Virtual Centre of Excellence for Ethically-guided and Privacy-respecting Video Analytics

VideoSense will integrate leading European research groups to create a long term open integration of critical mass in the twin areas of Ethically-Guided and Privacy Preserving Video Analytics where the advent of new data intelligence technologies against the background of dynamic societal and citizen’s goals, norms, expectations, safety and security needs and thus surveillance requirements have all contributed to a complex interplay of influences which deserve in-depth study and solution seeking in order for the European society, citizen and industry to strike the optimal balance in resolution of the various challenges in this arena.

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Bringing the 3D Internet to Life

3DLife aims at stimulating joint research and integrating leading European research groups to create a long-term integration of critical mass for innovation of currently fragmented research addressing media Internet. It will foster the creation of sustainable and long-term relationships between existing national research groups and lay the foundations for a Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCE) in media Internet.

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Socially Aware, collaboRative, scAlable Coding mEdia distribution

The main aim of the project is to build a platform that will support the delivery of real time streamed content over heterogeneous IP networks in order to offer the users Quality of Experience and personalised access to media content.

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EternalS aims to create environment for mutual awareness and cross- fertilization among the 4 ICT-Forever Yours - FET projects LivingKnowledge, HATS, Connect and SecureChange.

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Recognition and Localisation of Human Actions in Image Sequences

This project builds on recent development in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in order to develop methods for recognition and localisation of human and animal action categories in image sequences.

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