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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Study Abroad Programmes

Our international partnerships

In today’s interconnected global economy, it is not only commerce and industry that benefit from international collaborations – universities too are establishing new partnerships, sharing knowledge and experience across national borders and between institutions.

EECS is involved in a two international collaborations:

Undergraduate Joint Programmes

Postgraduate Cooperative Programmes

  • The Cooperative Master Program is a collaboration between School of Design, Hunan University (HNU) and School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London (QM)

Against a background of economic uncertainty in Europe, and growth in east Asia, developing economies and the Middle East, Queen Mary is strategically committed to extending this network of partnerships. In particular, we want to support our students to develop cultural awareness, so that they can pursue careers that are becoming ever more international in character.

Our vision for the future is international partnerships based on true equality, enabling collaborative research and teaching, and helping to foster mutual understanding.