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What it is like to study at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science? Read our student stories and find out.

'Queen Mary was always my first pick when I was applying for university; the friendly atmosphere on campus, the excellent lecturers teaching the latest topics, and the London campus location made it stand out from other universities.'

Yasmin Martin, BSc Computer Science with Management (ITMB) graduate, 2018

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'Queen Mary’s reputation as a research intensive, Russell Group university brings with it the opportunity to learn from leading lecturers in computing. My programme provided unparalleled opportunities - shadowing the CEO of Telefonica UK was a particular highlight!'

Thomas Chalmers, BSc Computer Science with Management (ITMB) graduate, 2018

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‘From learning to code, to understanding product design in the workshop, to learning about digital audio through building circuits - my 1st year has been completely enlightening. I’ve tried things that I didn’t know I loved to do!’

Alberto Morabito, 2nd year, BSc Creative Computing, 2018

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'My lecturers have given me their time and advice; their support has helped me shape my studies. I now work as a Teaching Assistant demonstrating labs for 1st & 2nd year students - a great experience for my CV.'

Nabila Nur, 3rd year, BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2018

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'I was nominated for the ‘Best Student Recognition Event’ with IBM which took place in Amsterdam. This was a fantastic opportunity, and having been one of only a few individuals selected from the UK.'

Balwinder Singh, BSc Creative Computing graduate, 2018

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'I liked the mini-project style coursework a lot. It gave me a chance to apply what I had learnt and the freedom to explore beyond taught material. I really liked that I could push myself further than what was required and that it was recognised during submission as well.'

Jayant Shivarajan, BEng Computer Systems Engineering graduate, 2018

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