School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

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Undergraduate programmes

BSc/ BEng
MSc/ MEng
With IE
Undergraduate degree programmes 3 year bachelors
4 year masters
With industrial experience
Computer Science G400 G401 G402
Computer Science and Multimedia G450 - I450
Computer Science with Business Management G4N1 - I4N1
Computer Science with Business Management and Accounting G4N2 - I4N2
Computer Science and Mathematics GG41 - IG41
Electronics with Music and Audio Systems H288 H643 H289
Electrical and Electronic Engineering H600 H608 H602
Electronic Engineering H610 - H611
Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications H691 H690 H693
Computer Systems Engineering HI62 HI6D H163
Information and Communications Technologies I100 - I101
Creative Computing I152 - I153
Software Engineering for Business IN10 - I1N1
Information Technology Management for Business NN11 - NI11
Please note programmes are subject to change
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