Ahmed Mohamed Abdelmoniem Sayed

Photo of Ahmed Sayed 

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Head of SAYED Systems Group,
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science,
Queen Mary University of London, UK

Address: Office E153a, Engineering Building
Queen Mary University of London,
Mile End, London, UK

Email: ahmed.sayed@qmul.ac.uk

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I have attended High School at Elmoshir Ahmed Esmail Secondary School in Egypt. After passing the nation-wide secondary school exams in Math section with a total grade percentage of 98.2% ranking among the top 200 of 400,000+ students set for the exam, I spent the next four years at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information, Assiut University. I was studying mostly computer science and mathematics after which I obtained the Bachelor degree in Computer Science with grade of Distinction with Honorand ranking 2nd among the department.

In my final year, due to my passion toward Computer Networks, I came up with a great networking project that would facilitate the communication between mobile users allowing them to perform video calls over bluetooth and internet when this service was not provide by telecommunication companies back then. My group has completed and delivered the project in record time and we were awarded support from the ministry of communication in Egypt.

Immediately, after the graduation in Aug, 2007, I was hired by the Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University in the position of Teaching and Research Assistant. There are four primary task for this position:

  • Participate and assist in teaching courses mainly in lab to students (for list of the courses I have participated in teaching press here);

  • Conducting scientific research in computer science and publishing high quality papers (for the list of my publication press here);

  • Supervising 4th year students in their graduation project and helping them out during 4th year to finish it by the delivery time (for the list of the projects I have supervised press here);

  • Taking up teaching and research related development courses. Besides, pursuing my Master degree, I have taken a number of industrial courses to broaden my skills and expertise, specifically, Certified Cisco Network Assiocate (CCNA) and Certified Oracle Database Administration.

In Jun, 2012, I have earned my masters degree under the supervision of Prof. Hosny M. Ibrahim, Prof. Marghny H. Mohammed and Dr. Abdel-Rahman Hedar with thesis titled Routing Optimization of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Based on Ant Colony Optimization“. After which, I was promoted to the position of Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University. Immediately, just before defensing my M. Phil thesis in Jun, 2012, I got a number of scholarship in a number of prestigious universities in USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. However, I made my mind on working with my current amazing supervisor, Prof.Brahim Bensaou

In fall, 2012 I began my Ph.D application in HKUST with Prof. Brahim Bensaou and thankfully I was awarded the generous and extremely competitive Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) in Mar, 2013. Then, I joined the Computer Science and Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a PhD student and researcher in Aug, 2013. I have moved my research interests toward the hot topic of Cloud and Data Center Networks and the related Congestion Control and Traffic Engineering research problems.