I lead Scalable Adaptive Yet Efficient Distributed (SAYED) Systems Group where we perform systems-focused research by exploring existing problems of mainstream Networked and Distributed Systems and finding solutions by designing and prototyping scalable adaptive yet efficient systems of the future. We are broadly interested in Systems for ML, ML for Systems, Distributed and Federated Learning, Computer Networks, Fog/Cloud Computing, SDN and Programmable Networks. My projects involves working with or supervising students, academics, researchers, and industry partners and include a wide range of applications.

Current Research Projects

  1. Scalable Privacy-preserving Decentralised Learning

  2. Machine Learning-based Intelligent Networks

  3. Advancing Creative Media via Acerbated Deep Learning

  4. Decentralised Social Network Moderation via Federated learning

  5. Systems Research of Distributed Machine Learning

  6. Application-Driven Networking: Fast and Slow Control

  7. Networking Infrastructure Supporting Fast Evolving Machine Learning Applications

Improving the Performance, Scalability and Interpretability of Distributed Machine Learning

In this project, We focus on tackling challenging problems related mainly to improve the performance and understanding of machine learning systems and their usage for optimizing and automating computer and network systems.

Improving the Performance of TCP Applications in Public Cloud Networks

In this project, we developed scalable, efficient, readily-deployable mechanisms to significantly improve the performance of TCP Applications in Cloud Networks.

Past Research Projects

  1. Improving the Performance of TCP Applications in Public Cloud Networks

  2. Routing Optimization for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

  3. Video-Call Over Bluetooth and Internet

Useful Tools

  1. TCP Socket-Level Events Monitor - Kernel Module

  2. Drop certain packets of interest - Kernel Module

Past Project and FYP Supervision

  1. Management System for controlling Wireless Access Points

  2. HoneyPot Server Application

  3. WiiMote Body Tracking & Robot Control System

  4. Steganography Appliction to hide data in images and videos

  5. Remote Desktop Control using Mobile

  6. Mobile Application in Traffic Services

  7. Tourist Heaven – a tourist social networking application

  8. Egyptian tourism company web system