Music Classification

Reproducible software package for B. L. Sturm, “A simple method to determine if a music information retrieval system is a 'horse',” IEEE Trans. Multimedia 16(6):1636–1644, 2014.

Reproducible software package for B. Sturm, C. Kereliuk and A. Pikrakis, "A closer look at deep learning neural networks with low-level spectral periodicity features", Proc. CIP 2014.

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Bibtex bibliography and Excel spreadsheet I used to write B. L. Sturm, "A survey of evaluation in music genre recognition", in Proc. Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval, (Copenhagen, Denmark), Oct. 2012.

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Efficient Implementations of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

MATLAB Code accompanying B. L. Sturm and M. G. Christensen, "Comparison of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Implementations", submitted to EUSIPCO 2012 (Mar. 2012).

Phase Transitions of Compressive Sensing Recovery Algorithms

MATLAB Code to produce figure 6 in B. L. Sturm, M. G. Christensen and R. Gribonval, ""Cyclic Pure Greedy Algorithms for Recovering Compressively Sampled Sparse Signals", Proc. Asilomar Conf. on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Pacific Grove, CA, Nov. 2011.

Audio Fingerprints (a la Shazam)

MATLAB Demonstration of audio fingerprinting (Oct. 2010).


MATLAB Demonstration of A* (A star) pathfinding algorithm (Feb. 2010).

MATConcat (Concatenative Sound Synthesis Using MATLAB)

MATLAB Application for experimenting with concatenative sound synthesis (2006).

SSUM (Signals and Systems Using MATLAB)

MATLAB Demonstrations of several concepts in signal processing, with an emphasis on working with real data (Dec. 2005).