What is IDwA?

IDwA is a hands-on workshop that explores how sound can be used meaningfully in Interaction Design

Participants take an everyday object that doesn't usually make sound and imagine what kinds of sounds it could make when you interact with it: A watering can that tells you stories about plants when you water them, a chair that becomes a musical instrument, a cup that sings songs about owls when you drink from it at night time.

We use simple physical computing and audio tools such as IoTings, Arduino, Audacity, Adafruit Wave Shield, TinkerKit, and a variety of sensors and actuators. Currently, we work on an exciting, all new IDwA hardware toolkit.

How does it work?

IDwA is flexible and can be adapted to different workshop lengths, and different participant backgrounds.

Part 1: Designing the Interaction: Using everyday objects, imagine what sounds they might make when you interact with them. Creating scenarios of use, and imagining the sounds. Focus on the meaning of the interaction and sound.

Part 2: Creating the Sound: The second part covers basic techniques for Recording, Producing, Manipulating, Editing and Triggering.

Part 3: Making the Sound Interactive: Using simple physical computing tools to prototype the interaction - use sensors to trigger recorded sound samples.

Part 4: Show, Hear, and Tell: Present prototype interaction through acting out scenarios of use followed by group exploration of the interaction. Reflect on how to design Interactive Audio for meaningful interaction.

Recent IDwA Projects

Squeaky Treasure Chest

Sonic Fruits

Speaking Mirror

Sounding Bird

Audio Bottle

Bamboo Whistle

Supported by:
EPSRC DePIC (EP/J017205/1)
EPSRC C4DM Platform Grant (EP/K009559/1)
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