School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Undergraduate programmes

At Queen Mary you will gain strong practical and theoretical skills to identify and solve problems as technologies change, as well as an understanding that Computer Science and Electronic Engineering is also about the people who use the systems and applications.

We offer a range of undergraduate degrees designed to equip you with a solid grounding in electronic engineering or computer science. We offer courses that are a well-considered mix of core modules along with an exciting choice of module options, as well as joint programmes with the School of Mathematical Sciences and School of Business and Management.

Programme name

(3 years)

BSc with Professional Placement (4 years)

BSc with Year Abroad
(4 years)

MSci (4 years)

MSci with Professional Placement
(5 years)

Computer Science
Computer Science and Mathematics - -
Creative Computing - -
Computer Science with Management (ITMB) - -
Software Engineering for Business - -

Electronic Engineering Programmes


Programme name

BEng (3 years)

BEng with Professional Placement (4 years)

BEng with Year Abroad (4 years)

MEng (4 years)

MEng with Year Abroad (5 years)

MEng with Professional Placement (5 years)

Electronic Engineering - - -
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - -
Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications -
Computer Systems Engineering - - -