School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Condition monitoring system for electric vehicle battery packs using current density images of Li-ion pouch cells

Supervisor: Dr Kamyar Mehran

Research group(s): Antennas and Electromagnetics

Improving the performance and lifetime of electric vehicles Lithium-ion battery packs (LiBs) is still a challenging problem. This will be achieved by obtaining a more accurate state-of-charge (SoC) estimation and reliable temperature monitoring. In this project a multi-physics sensor array will be developed using disruptive magnetometer sensors for the online monitoring of the in-situ current flow within individual Li-ion pouch cells. High-resolution sensor images are desired in real-time for the battery management systems (BMS) and conditional monitoring system (CMS) to allow higher life-cycle with instant cell-equalisation, predict thermal runaway, estimate accurate SoC/SoH measurement, avoid long-term degradation, improve the energy density, stabilise the power density and reduce the overall cost of the battery pack. This is a multi-disciplinary and industrial-based project and encourage the candidate to look for more details on this project and other PhD project proposals in my website: