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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Routing based Security Enhancement scheme for MTC in E-health Network

Supervisor: Dr Yan (Cindy) Sun

Research group(s): Networks

NHS has allocated £4.2bn of additional transformation funding for technology programmes from 2017/18 to 2020/21. It intends to use digital approaches to support new models of care in general practice and to support daily submission of electronic Secondary User Service (SUS) data from April 2018. The overall 2020 goals include paper-free at the point of care, 95% e-consultation and 95% digitally transferred tests between organisations. This project focus on security issue in Machine Type Communication (MTC) in E-health monitoring system. Under the network structure, various types of wireless devices, such as sensors, wearable devices and smartphones, can automatically conduct the communication for collecting, transmitting and processing health related data in a self-organized matter. It is believed that massive small size data will be generated by various electronic devices and transmitted through MTC network every day. However such network is vulnerable to various security attacks, from both inside and outside MTC network. The idea in this project intends to develop a routing based scheme to introduce distributed security mechanism in Network layer to enhance the security in MTC network for providing e-care monitoring services. This project intends to benefit potential users, such as aging populations, to provide flexible, stable and long-lasting e-care monitoring aid. The work will be primarily verified and evaluated through simulations; however hardware related verification will also be considered, time permitting.