School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

EBU5606 Product Development and Marketing

Poster exhibition showcases students' new product ideas

On 24 May 2019, a poster exhibition hosted at BUPT's main campus highlighted the top ten new product concepts proposed by the 2nd year students. The exhibition was part of the group coursework for the EBU5606 Product Development and Marketing module. Students collaborated in small teams to research and develop an original idea for a new product or service. Successful teams leveraged market research to identify opportunities based on customer need, and their work covered end-to-end development from concept to testing. 

Posters focused on diverse technologies including analytics, robotics, wearables, augmented reality, and mobile commerce. Students appreciated the opportunity to share their work and ideas with fellow classmates and to hear feedback from JP lecturers. The event was organised by Dr Nickos Paltalidis.

JPIC would like to share our students' idea to all QMUL colleagues and help identify potential topics for future projects. For enquiries for more information, please contact Nickos directly.

Click below to find a copy of this year's posters
EBU5606_Posters_2019 [PDF 5,954KB]